Must-have Fall Candles

Guess it is time to accept the fact that like it or not fall is approaching at a fast pace and summer is quickly fading (much to my chagrin). As you can tell I am all for having summer all year round (especially since following fall comes the frigid winter in all its glory). However, there are perks to “sweater weather”: the way even the bleakest of city streets metamorphose into picturesque landscapes, listening to acoustic songs on rainy days while delving into a good book, or lighting candles that inspire coziness. In spirit of what I call the “pumpkin spice revolution” – otherwise known as autumn – I have rounded up a few of the fall candles and candle pedestals on my wish-list.

(Disclosure: all of the candles are from Bath & Body Works because I am slightly obsessed with this store).

  1. Leaves :
    This candle is one of the spicier-smelling ones in my wish-list. There are notes of “crisp red apple, golden nectar, and warm clove spice”.
  2. Sweater Weather :
    This candle holds a fresher scent, which really remind me of taking a walk on a sunny fall day. It is said to smell like “fresh sage, juniper berry, aromatic eucalyptus, and fresh woods”.
  3. Flannel :
    In my opinion, this candle is another fresh-smelling one. This candle reminds me of the smell of a man’s musky yet fresh cologne. It has notes of “crisp autumn air, bergamot, heirloom mahogany, and soft musk”.
  4. Crisp Morning Air :
    I admit that I have a penchant for “fresher” scents, therefore once again here is a fresh candle. This candle smells like “crisp fall breeze, white oak, golden amber wood, saffron, and soft sandalwood”.
  5. Warm Apple Pie :
    Finally! One of my personal favorites in the list due to its sweet yet subtle scent. True to its name, this candle reminds me of a freshly baked apple pie. It still boggles my mind how a a candle can smell so much like apple pie. It has notes of “baked Granny Smith apples, melted brown sugar, and flaky homemade crust”.
  6. Sparkling Pear Riesling :
    Another of my favorites due to its subtly sweet aroma of pears. This candle has hints of “California pears, Riesling grapes, and honeyed oak”.

7. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin :
This candles boasts a spicier pumpkin based aroma, but also has sweeter notes. It is said to smell like “harvest pumpkin, spiced clove, vanilla cream, and brown sugar”.

8. Pumpkin Pie :
This is one of the candles that I have not smelled in stores but it looks promising. I feel like it would be classified as sweet and spicy. Personally, I enjoy the taste and smell of a pumpkin pie so if they got this one spot on it may be a hit. Also, if you burn this one when guests come over it looks like you spent all day making a pumpkin pie (when in reality you bought one). This candle should smell like “creamy pumpkin, vanilla crème, fresh ground nutmeg, and graham cracker crust”.

9. Pumpkin Spice :
I have not smelled this one either, however it makes my wish-list because I feel like it embodies fall perfectly. What better candle to burn in your room (or any space for that matter) than one that embraces the pumpkin spice season. The candle has notes of “toasted pumpkin seed, cinnamon stick, warm clove, and Applewood”.

10. Chocolate Pistachio:
This one really intrigues me because I think the pairing of chocolate and pistachios would be quite magical. I will definitely classify this candle as one of the sweeter ones, although I have not smelled it yet so this is up for debate. This candle has notes of “pistachio, chocolate truffle, and white powdered sugar”.

11. Toasted Graham Latte:
As for this candle, I so happened to fall upon it after smelling another from the “White Barn” collection. This one is a bit harder to classify because at first I thought it would be a muskier scent but there are sweet notes to it. It is said to smell like “toasted graham cracker, vanilla bean, buttery toffee chip, and a drop of espresso”.

12. Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake :
This is another candle that I have not smelled but would have loved to. I feel like this would be classified as sweet and somewhat spicy; however I would think that the cheesecake element would add another interesting layer to the candle’s aroma. It is said to have notes of “spiced pumpkin, graham cracker crust, and whipped cream cheese”.


Accessories :
I think while the candles are beautifully decorated on their own, these candle pedestals can add to decorating a space with a fall accent.

  1. Glass Pumpkin: This is one of the pricier candle accessories, so if you must splurge I definitely suggest this one. (Side note : it sort of reminds me of the pumpkin carriage in Cinderella).
  2. Fox: This is a reasonably priced candle pedestal, so here’s your ticket if your looking for something less pricier than the previous accessory. Honestly, who would not want this cute fox candle pedestal?
  3. Tossed Leaves: I really like this candle holder because it can work all year round and it is in a neutral colour so it will blend in well with the theme of your space. It is also at a reasonable price.
  4. Owl: I think this owl candle pedestal is really cute, even if owls are not really your thing. This one is definitely classified as worthy for fall décor. Bonus: it is priced reasonably and will blend well with most spaces’ themes.


All credit is due to Bath & Body Works (i.e. photos & quotations of candle ingredients).

Follow this link to get a head start on your fall candle shopping :

Credit to Google for the picture in the header.





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