Office Supply Essentials

As fall rolls around I take it to heart to reorganize my office space at home. This helps me to stay focused in terms of having an organized space surrounding me while I work on various tasks. I have compiled a list of essential office supplies that will add both style and substance to your work place. Whether it be for an office space at home or at work, you will find some items that are worth checking out!

  1. Magnet Set:

I really love having either a cork board or a magnetic board (or both combined into one to save space) because they help me to stay organized when I have many tasks to complete. I really love the taco magnet set that I chose because it lightens the mood in an office space. I also chose the other set because marble is really in right now. Both sets are offered at Indigo bookstores or online.

2. To-do List Clipboards:

I think to-do lists are crucial to getting tasks done on time. By using these in particular you can prioritize what needs to be done immediately versus what can wait. I always feel overwhelmed when I look at the huge list of tasks that I need to complete, but when I write out each task and prioritize what needs to get done first I feel like a load has been taken off my shoulders. Available at Indigo.

3. Sticky Notes:

I deem sticky notes to be one of my essentials in my home office because they are easily accessed when I need to jot down something quickly. Also, they help me to organize my textbook readings by pointing out the important parts or by summarizing a certain section. Also, they prove to be helpful when I need to remember something – I will stick it onto my magnetic board and it will be easily seen so as to not slip from my thoughts. I like to get sticky notes in different shapes (i.e. arrows or varying square shapes) as well as a big bloc of sticky sheets. Available at Indigo.

4. Desk/Wall Calendars:

I prefer having a huge calendar hanging overhead of my office space so that when I am unsure of a specific deadline I will have quick access to it. Another option available is the desk calendar for those who prefer a smaller alternative to the massive wall calendar. The only downside that I find is that it will take up a bit of your work area; so if you have a larger desk then this may be for you. I found some really cool calendars on Indigo’s site, so take a look! Quick tip: this is an office supply that you can get creative with, this means that you can get something as hilarious or inspiring as you want.

5. Agenda/Planner:

Having an agenda or planner is something I highly esteem because it keeps me motivated, and on schedule in terms of completing my tasks. Of the agendas I have chosen there are two brands that I particularly love. One of them being, which have some of the funkiest, sassiest agendas I have ever seen. I enjoy using these because they have a format that I particularly like : an overview of the month to come, as well as a weekly overview that has enough space to write in all of my tasks. Another brand that I like is Kate Spade’s planners. These are sophisticated and elegant agendas that also include a monthly and weekly overview. I would recommend these if you are looking for an agenda to keep at the office because they look quite professional (keep the illusion that you are put together even if you are completely overwhelmed with work!).

6. File Folder :

I think this is a key office supply to have at your desk in order to keep you well organized and on top of all of your documents. Instead of having a messy pile of papers with coffee stains, file them away in an accordion-style folder to keep things under control. This saves both space on your desk and time that you would spend looking for a certain paper. You can also label each section of the file folder to ease access to specific documents.


7. Pencil Case :

I either have a pencil case or a cup to hold all of my pens/pencils. We all know why pencil cases are important to have in an office space, so I won’t go into detail there. However, I have chosen these pencil cases because sometimes you need a little inspiration to keep pushing through a particularly difficult and tedious task.

8. Mousepad :

If you are like me that prefers to have a mousepad on your desk, then you will love this one. I am a huge fan of inspirational quotes and this one is no exception. Also, the picture adds a nice touch to the ambiance of an office space.


Bonus Non-Essential Supply :

I do not deem this office supply as essential, however it is a funny addition to have to keep at your desk at work. I think its a fun point of interest that can give your colleagues a laugh or a warning when you are not feeling your best (Mondays through Thursdays).


All of these supplies were taken from Chapters-Indigo online. Follow the link to find  these items :

Credit to Google for the heading image.


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