20 Holiday Travel Essentials

It’s that time of the year again! Time to go back home and visit the family for the holidays. If you are heading home for the holidays, here are a few items that will make travelling less of a hassle.

Untitled design.png

  1. Luggage (wheels that can bear the snow/winter conditions)
  2. Neck Pillow
  3. Cozy sweaters
  4. Matching pyjamas (festive prints are a must)
  5. Warm slippers
  6. Lots & lots of fuzzy socks!
  7. Loungewear (oversized tees, sweatpants, whatever you feel comfy in)
  8. Fluffy blanket (to keep you cozy on the plane, bus, car, etc.)
  9. Electronics & chargers (many memories will be made, so make sure you bring everything necessary to snap & share special moments)
  10. Reading material, crosswords, sudokus (to kill time while travelling)holiday travel.png
  11. Winter jacket
  12. Hat, scarf, ear muffs, mittens, gloves (whatever you need to keep you warm in the frosty weather)
  13. Skin care products (bring your cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc… to keep your skin healthy & glowing)
  14. Lotion (my recommendation is Eucerin to battle skin dryness)
  15. Chap stick (one with medicinal properties if you have very dry lips)
  16. Packs of tissue (in case your nose gets a little runny)
  17. Vitamin C (boost your immune system when travelling to avoid getting an unwanted cold during your holiday visit) & throat lozenges
  18. Journal (keep track of your holiday memories by writing a short entry everyday of your trip back home; you can also include photos to make it more personal)
  19. Mini candle (to make your old room smell festive)
  20. Pocket-sized antibacterial soap (travel + flu season = potential disaster)




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