8 Things I did To Improve My Skin

I am finally getting into the groove of the new year and with that comes new goals for myself. For one, update the blog on a regular basis. Also, I want to keep my skin as healthy as possible. When I was a teen I thought that acne would be gone by the time my twenties rolled around. Little did I know this would not be entirely true. Even if my severe acne has cleared up considerably since I have stuck to a pretty consistent skin regime, I am still the victim of bad breakouts. I often get these breakouts around my chin, along my jaw, and around my nose. I looked up some possible reasons as to why I was getting breakouts in these areas only and I came across a few possibilities, namely stress and hormones. While stress is a factor which I can have control over, hormones is not. Still, I am keeping an optimistic outlook on clearing up my skin.

Lately I have tried a few things that seem to be working for me. While I cannot guarantee that they will have a 100% success rate for you, some tips could be of use to you to maintain healthy-looking skin. Here they are:

Never go to bed with your makeup on 
While it may be a pain where the sun don’t shine to remove your makeup when you are already snuggled in bed and ready to doze off, this is one of the things I implemented that truly made a difference. My acne was more controlled and decreased considerably. Also, my skin had a healthy glow the day after I removed my makeup and washed it appropriately. I know it is harder said than done, but this trick has a big payoff!

Drink adequate amount of water
For women, the daily intake of water is approximately 2-2.5 L per day. This is the amount I aimed at drinking each day when I felt myself subject to fatigue during the day. What surprised me was that my skin had a healthy glow and cleared up quite a bit. After reading up on this, I found out that drinking enough water does positively impact your skin. (Tip: invest in a nice-looking bottle that can hold up the amount of water you need to drink each day).

Use luke-warm/cooler water
This is something I read up on and was quite on the fence about because I love hot showers (ditto when washing my face). However, I did not realize that this was a huge contributing factor to the my skin’s redness. I started to use luke-warm and sometimes slightly cool water when washing my face, and I saw a difference after a few days. This trick really helped me to reduce the red, blotchy patches on my face.

Remove makeup, then cleanse
There is a great debate about whether you should remove your makeup first and then wash it with a cleanser or just let the cleanser do the whole job. From what I have read up on, a facial cleanser should have all the properties to both remove makeup and wash your skin. On the other hand, other research suggested that you should remove your makeup with a gentle makeup-removing solution and then wash your face with a cleanser. I tried both and the option that works for me is removing my makeup before washing my face. My skin looks healthier and has cleared up better now than when I simply washed my face.

Moisturize & use acne treatment
I have oily skin which does not usually require must ‘moisturizing’. Whenever I see hype about a new facial oil or cream on the market, I get the creeps because I think of how my oily/blemish-prone skin would react. Since my cleanser tends to leave my skin drier (and Winter is harsh quite harsh on the skin) I have decided to use moisturizer. After adopting this into my skin regime, I noticed that my skin looks noticeably fresher. So, I decided to use it wisely by avoiding the acne spots on my face and applying it sparingly on my face. Also, I have started to use an acne treatment gel that is a staple in my skin regime. It has Salicylic acid which aids in fighting my breakouts.

Use primer
I have been a regular when it comes to applying primer before putting on my makeup. However, the primer that I usually use is a cream-based one which can contribute to making my face slightly more oily than usual. I recently bought one that is a water mist which works really well with my type of skin. I also found out that it can be applied with or without makeup, as well as a setting spray.

Keep hair & hands away from face
I am one of those people who tend to always touch their face no matter what. To make matters worse, I always touch my hair as it often gets in my face (one of the struggles of having long hair). My mother is constantly nagging me : “don’t touch your face”, “get your hair out of your face”, etc… So I decided that it was about time to start listening to her and to my chagrin, she was right (like pretty much everything else). I now try my best to keep my hair out of my face by either putting it up in a ponytail or bun, or by simply pushing it over my shoulders. Also, I am more mindful of keeping my hands off of my face.

Blot to dry 
Lastly, I have been seeing more people talk about blotting a towel to dry off the face. This is a tip that I have implemented for quite a while and I have always been doing. This does help ward off redness and blotchy spots that can be apparent after rubbing a towel to dry your face.

So there we have it folks! These are 8 tips that I have used that have improved my skin in various ways. Let me know in the comment section below if you have any tips to keep skin at its healthiest; I am always open to new suggestions! xoxo


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