8 Ways to Counter ‘Winter Blues’

Face it, we all get ‘Winter Blues’ around this time of year. The Holidays are now long gone and it is currently the dead of Winter. Are you fed up with the Narnia-like weather? Do you feel like cabin fever is getting the best of you? Are you counting the days until spring arrives, when you can start enjoying the warmer weather? While I cannot promise that Winter will arrive soon (as I am not a groundhog), what I can do is offer you some tips that can help you to make the best of the remaining days of Winter.


Keep fit: if you normally exercise indoors, try something new by heading outdoors with your workout. If you have always wanted to try skating, snowboarding, skiing, hockey, etc. this is the time to take advantage of the snowy weather.

Find a new hobby: maybe you have always wanted to pursue an activity, sport, or other that you have never come around to. Now is your chance to try out a new hobby. This will help you to pass the time while letting you explore something new.

Have a movie night in: invite friends/family over or watch a movie alone. Cabin fever may be getting to you but this weather is still the season to cuddle up (alone with your pet is fine too!) indoors and watch a film. Either watch a movie that you have been meaning to watch for a while or something that you love to revisit every so often.

Try a new recipe: Is there a recipe on your Pinterest board that you have been wanting to cook for a while? Now’s your chance to do so. Choose a hearty meal such as a soup to warm you up on a cold day. Also, you can choose to bake something new and invite friends/family over to test out your cooking chops on. (P.S. even if you aren’t the best chef out there, follow a recipe and give it a shot nonetheless.)

Keep positive quote near: Place it over your computer at your desk at work, as your phone wallpaper, as your laptop wallpaper, etc. Whenever you feel like you can’t take Winter any longer, take a look at it and meditate upon it for a minute. This will help you to gain perspective on particularly dark days.

Revamp your look: If you are thinking about cutting your hair a different way or coloring it, now is the time to revamp your look. For a more complete look, buy a few essential pieces of clothing that you can wear with most of your usual looks. This will add another dimension to your usual look. You can also try out new makeup trends to find out which one best suits your style.

Organize your room: You will be surprised by how much re-organizing a room in your house (I usually work on my bedroom/desk area) will help to give you a refreshed and motivated outlook. You can clean out your closet, desk, bookshelves, etc. Also, if you can try to move furniture around, do it! Re-organizing the plan of your room and redecorating can affect your mood considerably.

Go for a walk: If it’s not too cold, taking a short walk can refresh your mind if you have been stuck inside all day.


Hope these ideas will help you as they have helped me. For those of you who dread Winter, make the best of it while it is here and before you know it, it will be Spring again!


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